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Creative Therapies

Creative therapies access insight into self that logical thinking would not. Art therapy can give spontaneous answers to unspoken questions offering ‘Aha’ moments.

Background on Creative Therapies and Interactive Drawing Therapy

– Art Therapy and Interactive Drawing Therapy

The arts, as a symbolic and metaphoric language, are particularly powerful. This is illustrated by the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.

Humans naturally use symbols and pictures to make meaning, gain insight and express ideas and inner experiences. The spoken and written language are examples of this.

Self Healing through the arts does not rely on artistic ability.

“The important thing is what the participant experiences in the act of creating”

Facts and benefits of art, music and movement therapies

• As humans we all have an innate creativity.

• Our emotional and personal memories are often connected with visual images, sensations, dreams, etc.

• Being creative can point us to unconscious facets of ourselves, so new information is available to us as a resource.

• Emotional energy of our feelings and emotions can be channelled and transformed through music, art, writing and movement.

• Working with images/ pictures/ diagrams utilises both sides of the brain.

The spontaneity, enjoyment and relaxation experienced in the arts also contributes to creative solutions, resilience and a feeling of wholeness.

“We were very impressed with the positive learning fun opportunity and feel sure that if others in our community were aware of these workshops they would be immensely supported and appreciated by the different age groups. …….Christine was warm friendly and a great Coach/ facilitator who was passionate to share her very obvious passion and delight for art .” Participant

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